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The jewelry and precious stones business is a lucrative one that has attracted the big wigs’ interest in the global corporate sector. Nir Livnat happens to be one of these great men and women driving the high-end jewelry business.


Nir Livnat is, without doubt, a self-made jewelry expert. His educational background is in Economics, Business, and Information systems, which has contributed to his great business acumen.

He has worked in different organizations, mostly in managerial positions, in both IT and Gems industries. His wide range of skills has earned him a seat in the National Economic Forum of the African National Congress and the Master Diamond Cutters Association, where he served as the Chairman.

Nir Livnat started in the jewelry industry at the age of 27, after graduating from the university. He has since made significant strides towards expanding the Company’s market share and creating more employment opportunities within the business.

One of his biggest achievements is establishing the Southern African operation of the Diacore. Setting this operation up required him to relocate to South Africa, where he spent a considerable amount of his career years.

Nir Livnat's Current Business Activities

Alongside the jewelry business, Nir Livnat is also a major player in the real estate sector. He has invested in a leading real estate investment fund with interests in the Caribbean region, Europe, Argentina, and the USA.

Nir Livnat Diacore

Diacore Diamond Group

As the Chief Executive Officer of Diacore Diamond Group since January 1998, Livnat has managed to maintain the status of the Company as renowned experts in cutting and polishing extraordinary jewelry.

The current annual turnover for the Company rests at more than $1.5B.
Under his watch, Diacore has managed to catch world leaders’ attention, including presidents, Ministers, Ambassadors, among other dignitaries from all over the world.

Livnat also led to the creation of Sotheby’s Diamonds, a unique partnership between the world’s oldest international auction house and Diacore. Sotheby’s Diamonds combines the 7 decades of expertise from Diacore in diamond cutting and polishing along with Sotheby’s connoisseurship and large international client base.

Besides his main job, Livnat has a stake in several companies such as:
Sage Capital Global – an investment consultation company with operations in Europe, parts of Asia, and the USA. Senvest & Senvest Cyprus – a holding Company that deals with public securities and private equity.

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